About FHL

Established in February of 1997, Faith, Hope & Love, a Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America®, seeks to support, educate, and encourage published and unpublished romance writers targeting the Christian Fiction market, which includes publishers belonging to the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). This chapter is international with members in the USA, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. FHL offers its members these services:

  1. FHL produces a bimonthly newsletter, HEREIN IS LOVE, which includes Christian Fiction market updates, member promotion of awards and sales, and articles on writing techniques, etc. The newsletter is available via email attachment in PDF format.
  2. FHL maintains a database to assist interested members in finding a compatible critique partner.
  3. FHL hosts its annual TOUCHED BY LOVE contest to help aspiring writers of Christian Romantic Fiction improve their skills. The chapter also sponsors the INSPIRATIONAL READERS CHOICE AWARD to honor the best in published Christian Romantic Fiction.
  4. FHL holds its annual general meeting each year at the RWA® National Conference (normally held in July).
  5. FHL sponsors a Yahoo Group where members can exchange publishing information, discuss writing issues, receive encouragement, etc.
  6. FHL seeks to encourage its members through special projects.

FHL dues are $24.00 per year (prorated by month joined. See application form.) To be a member of FHL, a writer must also join RWA®. For more information about Romance Writers of America®, visit their web site.

FHL Membership

  • Members of Faith, Hope & Love must be members in good standing of RWA®.
  • The terms and conditions of membership in the chapter shall be determined exclusively by RWA®  [RWA® Uniform Chapter Bylaws Sec. 4.4]. FHL welcomes chapter membership by RWA® General* and Associate members.  (*Only General members shall be entitled to vote on all matters submitted to a vote of the chapter’s membership) [RWA® Uniform Chapter Bylaws Bylaws Sec. 4.8]
  • All individuals who have attained the age of 18 and who agree to accept the purposes of RWA® and this chapter and to faithfully observe and be bound by the Bylaws of this chapter (read or download the bylaws here) shall be eligible to apply for membership. Membership shall not be denied to adults because of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or political affiliation.[RWA® Uniform Chapter Bylaws Bylaws Sec. 4.2]

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