FHL Reader’s Choice Award

Announcing for 2017
The Seventeenth Annual
Faith, Hope and Love, RWA Chapter’s
FHL Reader’s Choice Award
(Formerly IRCA)
(Contest is now open!)

The FHLRCA is open to all writers, members of RWA, and non-members, who are published in Christian fiction. Books entered in the FHLRCA must be written from a Christian worldview. There should be no profanity, graphic sex, gratuitous violence or other objectionable material not accepted by the standards of Christian fiction. Books may be published in one of two ways:

Traditionally Published: The author publishes through a publisher, and is not required to participate financially in the production or distribution of their book, including any requirement to purchase a certain number of books.

FHLRCA Qualified Independently Published: Books that are published independent of a traditional publishing house, or in which the author participated in the publishing costs. Authors must apply to be accepted for QIP status. Please see the proceeding paragraph and QIP guidelines.

Beginning in 2015,  certain independently published Christian fiction works will be eligible for the FHLRCA. Independently published authors must meet a certain standard to enter the FHLRCA— “Qualified Independently Published” status. For the QIP status, and the application to qualify, please go here. Entries must have a 2016 copyright date, except in the instance where the book released in 2016, but had a copyright of 2015. (In this case, you must contact the Contest Chair to inquire about submitting a letter from the publisher.)

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