FHL Officers

Officers and Board Members for 2017

President: Hallee Bridgeman
President-Elect: Katy Lee
Treasurer: Sandra Leesmith
Secretary: Theresa Lynn Hall
Director-At-Large: Tanya Stowe

FHL Presidents (past and present)

Hallie Bridgeman, 2016-2017
DiAnn Mills, 2014-2015
Gina Welborn, 2013
Narelle Atkins (co-president), 2011
Jenna Victoria, 2011-2012
Micki Roberts, 2007-2010
Missy Tippens, 2006
Kelly Mortimer, 2006
Margaret Daley, 2005
Sunni Jeffers, 2003-2004
Cara Kuhfal, 2002
Janet Barton, 2001
Lenora Nazworth, 2000
Pollyanna Williamson, 1999
Lyn Cote, 1998
Vince Brach, 1997

If you have any questions regarding our chapter and/or membership, please contact one of our officers.