Renew Membership

FHL Membership Renewal Information

2017 dues are $29.00. Members who renew before the January 1, 2017 due date will receive a discount of $5.00.

On and after January 1, 2017, renewing members will be required to pay the full $29.00 annual dues.

On and after January 16, 2017, a member can no longer renew. Please complete a new membership application and pay the new member fee of $32.00.

If you prefer to mail your dues, remember they must be received by the dates listed above rather than postmarked by those dates, so plan accordingly.

All amounts listed are in US dollars. International members must submit dues using US money orders or by credit card via PayPal (see Internet Membership Application).

Even though renewing, members must complete a membership application. Failure to do so will keep your renewal from processing.

Renew Internet Application
(dues paid by credit card or personal checking account via PayPal.

Renew Print Application
(dues paid by check/money order)

Dues and other amounts paid to FHL (Faith, Hope & Love) Chapter are not deductible as charitable contributions but may qualify as business expense.